Hack at the home of the Denver Broncos with SendGrid, FullContact and more!

SendGrid and FullContact, two Colorado software leaders and technology success stories, are coming together with the Denver Broncos to bring Denver its first Tackle STEM Colorado All-Stars Hackathon! 

The Hackathon challenges college and code school students to explore feasible ideas, develop their team skills, and strengthen their network. We will provide access to hardware and software platforms for participants to hack.

Fri, Nov 18

5:00 PM Doors Open

5:30 PM Broncos Cheerleaders Meet & Greet

7:00 PM Pizza

7:15 PM Opening Remarks

7:30 PM   Guest Tech Provider Intros

8:00 PM Hacking Starts

8:15 PM Team Building / Hack Ideas / Hardware Checkout

9:30 PM   Intro to Git and GitHub Workshop - GitHub


Sat, Nov 19


7:00 AM Funky Brewster Espresso Cart

8:00 AM Morning announcements

9:00 AM Breakfast

9:15 AM   Intro to APIs Workshop - StopLight.io

12:00 PM Lunch + TechStars Experience Panel

2:00 PM RC BattleBots Tournament

3:00 PM Chair Massages - thanks to StopLight.io!

5:30 PM Pizza Arrives

7:00 PM Evening Espresso Cart - thanks to MapQuest!

8:00 PM Pitch/Demo Practice


Sun, Nov 20

7:00 AM Funky Brewster Espresso Cart

8:00 AM Hacking Ends - Submissions Closed

8:00 AM Breakfast

9:30 AM Broncos Cheerleaders Arrive

9:30 AM Demo Kickoff

11:00 AM Judges Deliberation

11:10 AM Guest Tech Provider Prizes

11:30 AM Prizes Awarded and Closing Statement

12:00 PM Bye!


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Russell Okung

Russell Okung
Tackle, Denver Broncos

Isaac Saldana

Isaac Saldana
Founder, SendGrid

David Mandell

David Mandell
CEO, PivotDesk

Mike Rowan

Mike Rowan
VP of Innovation, SendGrid

Travis Todd

Travis Todd
Founder, FullContact

Carly Brantz

Carly Brantz
VP of Marketing, SendGrid